Channels DVR IPTV

I have successfully got channels to record IPTV, but there is no TV art on the thumb nails like they are on the local channels from my antenna. Is there a way to fix this.

This is because you’re using the xmltv from your provider, which has no art.

Use the lineup editor of your source to manually map your channels to real networks, and Channels DVR Server will use its built in provided guide data which will have appropriate art and metadata.

Sir could you explain more on how to do this thank you

This post gets into it.

Well I tried the site but my provider doesn't do the m3u4u. They just offer a http address

That part doesn’t matter. Read the part where they map the channels with real guide data, towards the bottom.

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Yes sir thank you that worked nicely

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I have one more question, even I map the channels there are so many options and the ones I pick are not in English. Is there a truck to know which one to pick. Again thank you for your help

Also do of them are a East feed and others are the West feed how do I know which to choose to get the correct guide for the time it is on

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