Channels DVR is Now Available in a Public Beta

External Has are very cheap nowadays. So 512gb as the minimum is actually very low.

Just a heads up that there is a typo on the macOs instruction section… “It will then install a launchd service to automatically start the DVR server on login.” I think the “launchd” word is the error.

launchd is the name of the daemon which handles launch agents on macOS

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How do you skip thru commercials on a recorded program on ATV? How do you fast forward/rewind with the ATV remote? Really nice interface on the ATV by the way, very impressed.

You can click the right side of the remote twice to jump to the end of a commercial marker.

Got it! Sorry! Where is a good place to post feedback and questions about the new DVR beta? Is this the appropriate place?

Any chance someone can post a working demonstration vid on here or on YouTube and then post a link up here. It would be nice for the none US/Canada members of the forum to see what you guys have got now. Just a few mins of navigation, setting and playing recordings and the web ui would be cool.


You mention other regions to be added through the beta. What is the planned duration of the beta and when do you plan to offering other regions, specifically Australia? (UK seems to be requested a lot too!). Out of curiousity, why did you restrict this…is there some kind of technical limitation? I get guide data just fine in my channels app on tvOS, so not sure why you’re limiting the Beta to US/canada only?

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It’s getting 14days worth of reliable info that proved to be an issue I think. Since SD switch providers the issue has been resolved for our short 4-5hrs guides, however not sure if it’s SD providing the full 14days worth of GD at a fee, or if Channels is getting the GD from else where for DVR customers. Looks like something’s changed as they were originally reluctant to confirm even looking at other regions until after full launch. Now they’ve confirmed it whilst still in the beta. Things are looking up. I just want to see a vid of a working demonstration.

Awesome! Can’t wait for Denmark to be added!
Until then, a YouTube video of the product would be very much appriciated :wink:

I think that’s where a good part of the $8 monthly fee goes (and the fee for SD’s DVR product )…the guide data. I assume the delay in supporting other countries is so they can source good guide data.

Hopefully Channels can contract with the same source that SD has switched to for the UK. It’s pretty complete and accurate. I’ve noticed a few minor issues with some missing channels and logos, but I don’t know where to report it. :slight_smile:

Beyond the guide data, there really shouldn’t be any technical issues to offering DVR in other countries. Though I hope Channels plan in the future to support some DVB-specific features, such as EIT p/f data (also known as ‘Accurate Recording’ in the UK).

The new Public Beta section of the DVR forum

Congrats on the release. I love your TV only app and can’t wait to try this out. You recommended the PR4100 in this announcement, but the link takes me to the PR2100 on Amazon. Just wanted to double check if the PR2100 and/or PR4100 were the recommended, as I am in the market for new NAS.

you are presented a synology package link and screenshots to add the package to the package center.

I should have renamed the model. Amazon said the 4100 wouldn’t be available for 1-2 months, so I linked to the 2100 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Can you put a little more detail into the minimal requirements for the macOS version? Can I run this on an old iMac? or MacBook Pro? What sort of system is needed?

Looking forward to seeing this available in Australia. I have a ReadyNas ready to roll. Want something that just works.

( Fed up with my current clunky mythtv/Kodi setup that has always been unstable )

Congrats on the launch - I’ve been looking forward to this for a while but unfortunately more and more stations are going DRM on Optimum in NJ/NY so I can’t record many stations. I have to keep one cable box and Optimum’s DVR service to bridge this issue…will flip the second DRM channels are available but until then I cannot move over 100%. Having two solutions and paying for both simply doesn’t make sense. How is your progress with DRM? While I applaud your ongoing feature development and expansion into new areas I fear that you’re overlooking the one thing that will crush your business model for all but total cord cutters.

hey hey go UK…Please

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