Channels DVR is now available in Denmark


When @maddox and I started writing the Channels app two years ago, we had no idea the app would end up with fans all around the world. Since the launch of Channels DVR earlier this month, we know our international users have been anxious to try it out, and we’re working hard to make that possible.

Today we’re happy to announce that Channels DVR is now available in Denmark!

In the coming months we hope to have more news about additional countries, especially Australia and New Zealand.


Nice work!


Works really nice. I will have to consider what device to run the DVR on.

As reported, the EPG for Yousee is wrong and with EPG data missing for several channels I can’t fix it with the little pencil in DVR settings.

Can you let us know when you have fixed it with your guide provider?


The YouSee guide data has been updated by our provider and will be reflected in the DVR after 24 hours.


That is great. Looking forward to trying it.


Thank you for preemptively mentioning Aus/NZ cause that was going to be the next question for sure! :slight_smile:


Looking forward to Channels DVR being available in Australia.