Channels DVR is working fine


Just wanted to post that I've been using Channels DVR for over a year and haven't had any issues with it.
Just "how do I do this" questions and some guide issues.
Started Channels DVR on a Synology NAS and migrated to a new Synology NAS.

I purchased the iOS client for my iPad and iPod, but hardly ever use those Channels clients and never had issues with them. I prefer to download to my iPad for off-grid viewing.

I'm currently trying out the local transcoding/remuxing to some browser clients and I would personally recommend using the native Channels clients instead of browsers for this.

Next step is remote streaming to Channels clients and browsers.

I know many others have used all of these combinations and wonder what your recomendations are. I know many browsers have issues displaying content either streamed locally or remotely and have seen this locally with Firefox.

Guess #1 choice is Channels client for local/remote streaming and browsers are #2 choice?