Channels DVR no longer working on Apple TV


I have had Channels DVR on my Apple TV device and it’s been working fine for a while. All of a sudden it says it can’t find the Server. I checked the computer which is hosting the Channels DVR server and everything is working fine. It’s reporting that it found the HDHomeRun device and I am able to vie the guide and watch a program through the Channels DVR server on the computer.

I’ve already rebooted the computer, router and the Apple TV. Everything else on the Apple TV is working and I have full internet access.

I’ve tried to manually enter the HDHomeRun IP address into the Channels DVR app on the Apple TV and it still can’t find it. I’ve also gone ahead and submitted the diagnostic logs from the Channels DVR app on the Apple TV.

Why doesn’t the Channels DVR app on the Apple TV work anymore and what can I do to get it working?


Try uninstallin/reinstalling the app.


Already tried that, no luck.


I created a guest network in my house a while back (for testing) which uses a different set of ip addresses. And after testing forgot about it. Then one day I was having issues and notice my computer was connected to the test network.

If you have network problems that you can not figure out you may want to check the ip address of all the computers (and Apple TV's and other portable devices) involved to verify nothing has a strange IP.


Thanks. I have a full IP address listing and frequently check connected devices. No strange devices listed.


You need to enter the IP of your dvr computer, not the HDHomeRun.