"Channels DVR:On Now" (row) - Android/Shield home screen

This issue has irked me for quite a while.

I have the Channels DVR:On Now row activated on my Shield home screen. My issue is the order in which the channels tiles are displayed in the row. They're displayed in (ascending) order by channel number - NOT in the order I've set in my Channel Collection.

What's irking me is that I have the same row is also activated on my Tivo Stream 4k. And it DOES display the channel tiles as I have them set in my Channel Collection.

I've set up Global Client Settings with everything the way I want it. Everything - except for the On Now row on my Shield - works as it should. I've tried everything I can think of - including adjusting the individual client settings on my Shield.

I'm stumped & can't figure out what I'm missing. Any thoughts?