Channels DVR on PC - Can't See Network Storage


I store all my media on a synology NAS and run servers on a small dedicated PC. I have installed the Channels DVR on the PC. I have my media mapped as a network drive on the PC but when I go to select storage for the Channels DVR, I do not see this network drive as an option.

Am I missing something? Is this possible? Thanks!


There is an issue where network attached mounts don't show up in the storage selector. If you pick a directory like c:\dvr for the initial setup, you can change it later after guide data has completed downloading. Uncheck the dvr checkbox, change the textbox to the location you want and then re-check the checkbox.


It found 3 of my other network drives (one of which is another partition on the synology), but not the primary partition that I have mapped (letter B if that matters).


Plex and other applications are able to see this network drive without issue. Any thoughts?


As I mentioned, you can simply type b:\ into the box and force the DVR to use that drive. Does that not work?


That worked! Thank you very much.



If you can email the output of to [email protected] I'll see if I can figure out why some drives don't show up in the picker.