Channels DVR on tvOS 16

Was running the Channels DVR stable version on the first tvOS dev 16 beta last night without any noticeable change.

Paired with a OH (on 15.5.1), also without issue.
Hopefully that's a good start into the beta cycle.

Great news! You may consider adding your feedback to the existing thread: Reminder: If you install iOS/tvOS/iPadOS 16 betas, you are on your own

I hope the next beta does not break it. That is why I agree with ChannelsDVR not to support betas they change by release and things break.

Bingo. My first beta success with apps is north of 90%.

By the interim betas, at least half of those break.

IOS 16 seems to be good so far.
We will see what the coming weeks will bring.