Channels DVR recording into Plex folder and made a mess

I seem to have made a mess in my Plex my adding my Channels directory to my Plex library. I now have dozens of instances of series called "Tvshows".

My Channels directory is a sub-directory of where my Plex TV tv shows (tvshows) are, as follows:


Also my tv shows recorded from channels don't seem to show up in plex, as I intended. Any tips to clean this all up?

Channels DVR should be recording to a separate directory, not inside your Plex.

Then you can add the DVR's TV folder into your Plex as a new source.

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You should also point to /path/to/Channels/TV and not the base Channels directory.

I have some recordings and passes already. Do I just make this new path over in Settings..Basic Setup..DVR? Is there anything else I need to know to make this move? Will that just move the content files and leave the data base and other files where they are? Because those are the files that I believe made the mess in Plex.

Move the entire Channels folder out of the Plex directory.

Then update the DVR by unchecking the checkbox, fixing the directory location and rechecking the box.


If you continue to pull your Channels TV directory into Plex, learn from my mistake: don't use Plex's per show auto delete settings. It'll move shows to the trash, and mess up your Channels recordings list (as Channels wouldn't be aware of shows that were moved from where it thinks they should be).


Does that mean I should never delete a show from Plex (or Infuse or MrMC), and only delete from Channels?

Correct. If you pull your Channels directories into Plex, never delete Channels shows from Plex. Only do it via Channels.

If you did delete out of Channels DVR then you would have to prune Deleted.

By prune deleted do you mean go in via Windows explorer and delete (again) from there?

No Prune deleted cleans out the Channels DB for any recordings you deleted from explorer or plex and not from Within the Channels DVR.... it will also clean entries for recordings you deleted from channels dvr.

I use PowerShell ...

Invoke-WebRequest -Method Put