Channels DVR - Rescan for new and deactivate channel changes


Is there anyway for Channels DVR to be forced to scan for new channels or channels that have been deactivated on the tuner itself?


You can use the Scan Network option on the DVR web UI under the gear icon in the HDHR section.


Hope you don't mind me reviving this thread as my question is an extension of it.

What is the impact of triggering a network scan on Passes and Favorites, in the scenario where there are channels changes (additions, removals, etc)?

Also, is it possible to have scheduled automatic rescans, to ensure channels are always accurate?


The HDHR tuners already do channel rescans in the background. For channels it no longer can tune it removes them, and newly discovered channels that it can tune are added. You may need to select the "Scan network for tuners" option to cause the DVR server to resync the channel lineups from the tuners, but this feature is present on the tuners.

(I personally want a way to disable the tuner's autoscanning ability.)


Good to know. But can you clarify when you say "You may need to select the "Scan network for tuners" option to cause the DVR server to resync the channel lineups from the tuners," Not sure what 'may need' means :blush: Is the DVR server supposed to auto update, or it won't and I need to manually trigger that? Thanks!


The DVR refreshes its list of HDHRs and HDHR channels every 2-3 hours. So you may need to do it only in the case where you re-scanned or moved your antenna and don't want to wait for it to happen automatically.

There is no effect on passes/schedule until the next guide refresh. You can trigger that using the circle refresh icon under any of the HDHRs.




That ("The DVR refreshes its list of HDHRs and HDHR channels every 2-3 hours") is a beautiful theory. But it doesn't seem to be true, at least for my system.

Los Angeles Channel 2 (CBS) changed its frequency about three weeks ago. And yet Channels DVR has not picked up this change. I also have an EyeTV Hybrid (back from the days when the EyeTV Guide Service actually worked...). That was likewise displaying nothing on Channel 2, but when I forced a rescan it started working.

I also have an HD HomeRun, and while it's mostly working fine, it stubbornly refuses to update Channel 2. Do you have something additional that you're running in the background that's performing that scan/update, something you've forgotten but which is not part of the default Channels DVR setup?
I'm running Channels DVR on a Mac Mini, and when I go to the web UI, Settings/Basic Setup/1 HD Home Run Found, and click the Gear, then choose Scan Network I don't get a channel scan.

OK, so update. I ran the HDHomeRun mac app, forced a channel scan (open Safari, go to and there you'll find the option to rescan.
But that's far from automatic, and I don't see any way to force an automatic rescanning every few hours or days (which would be useful given the FCC repack...)

Do you frequently run the HDHomeRun app? Maybe that's forcing the rescan? But that's useless to me insofar as I only use Channels DVR and have no interest in running that app unless I need to.


What model HDHR?

Newer models run scans themselves every 2-3 days. Either way, running the Mac app has no effect. Running a rescan from is what the device is supposed to be doing itself.

Our dvr does not do any frequency rescans. The refresh I referred to is loading the channel list stored on the HDHR. To update that channel list manually you have to use the HDHR rescan feature.


HD Homerun Connect. Which is a fairly old model, I bought my in 2014.

I did update the SW (which included a FW update) after I wrote that post and realized that there's no automatic SW update mechanism (not even a notification of new SW).
So it's possible I was running on 5yr old FW. Let's see if the new FW gives me auto-scanning! I'm not sure quite how I could test for that...


My two HDHomeRun Connects picked up all of the recent Los Angeles changes automatically so it would seem that something about yours is not working correctly. Maybe you are right and it needed a FW update.

Thankfully it would seem that all of the local repacks are over for now!