Channels DVR Setup Help


I am a Channels newby and I'm having trouble setting up the Channels DVR on my Synology DS1517+ NAS. I've manually downloaded and installed the Synology package on my NAS and I've purchased a DVR subscription. The Channels DVR package says, "Running", but I can't find a web ui anywhere. How do I configure the Channels DVR and link it up to my account?


You should be able to open the DVR app from the Synology interface.

Alternatively you can look up the IP of your NAS and then use it to open http://x.x.x.x:8089


I can't find anything using the Synology Web Assistant, but the link you sent brought the page right up. Thank you very much.


If you open the package's description page on the Package Manager, there ought to be a link to its web interface. (There may also be an option to "Run" in the drop-down that also shows the Uninstall options and studf.)