Channels DVR support for Android TV and Fire TV


Hey everyone. We wanted to post our plans for rolling out Channels DVR support for Android TV and Fire TV. We wanted to set expectations well and make sure you all were completely aware how we plan to roll out features.

DVR support for the apps is…a lot of work. We spent over a year doing it for Apple TV and iOS. Most of that was design decisions, of which we don’t have to do for the Android TV and Fire TV. So, things should go faster. But it’s still a lot of work. It will take time.

Rather than holding 100% of the Channels DVR features until everything is complete, we’ve decided we’re going to roll things out as we complete them.

While this might feel like the Android TV and Fire TV versions feel incomplete for a while, we thought it was better than holding on to the features until later in the year.

The first thing we’ve rolled out is Channels DVR recordings playback. So right now, you can browse and watch your recordings directly from the Channels apps. There’s no management features or scheduling features yet. You will have to do that via the Channels DVR web admin. Again, we feel like this is a small price to pay when we can all play back your recordings in the new clients right away.

We’ll have more information on what gets rolled out next soon. I hope this helps set the right expectations on when and how these great new versions will get support for Channels DVR.



are any further Apple TV and iOS features on hold for now?


We just shipped a release today with something fun.




We just haven’t announced it yet officially. We’re trying to update Android TV and Fire TV to be in line with it.


For Both?


Shipped as in on the store?


Yes there was a new store release of both the tvOS and iOS apps today.


I think the App Store has been having issues propagating releases this week. I know Halide, a popular camera app had a big release this week and it took 10 hours to show up on the store :scream: The sad part is app review has been fast these days and now this is the slow part, lol.

I opened the App Store on my phone and didn’t see the update earlier tonight, but after a manual refresh in the updates tab, it showed up.


The new Apple TV version is now available on the App Store.


Any announcements on what’s coming next? DVR scheduling or remote access maybe?


We’re currently focused on stability of the video player across all the different supported Android/FireTV devices. The audio/video code has been going through a lot of big changes to deal with deinterlacing, dolby passthrough and a/v sync issues that have been reported.