"Channels DVR" vs "Channels - Live TV" appleTV apps

Hi all-

This seems like it should be a simple question to answer, but I haven't been able to find the answer online. I'm trying Channels out now, hoping to switch from TiVo. I have a Channels Plus subscription, and I'm running the DVR app on a Windows PC. Currently I'm only set up with my FiOS streaming channels source, but I've got a HD Homerun on the way to set up with my FiOS service so I'll have that online soon.

I'm trying to understand the difference between the two AppleTV apps that I see in the app store. I installed the (free) "Channels DVR" app. I can see all my DVR recordings, and the guide data, and I can watch live as well (albeit only from the streaming sources now). I also see the ($25) "Channels - Live TV" app. What would I need the other app for? Are there additional features that I get with that app?

Based on what I see on the app screenshots my guess in the "Channels - Live TV" app just gives you access to the HD Homerun tuners (and maybe the streaming sources too?) if you don't have a separate DVR app running, so I probably don't need it, but hoping I can get some clarification so I don't need to spend $25 just to figure out that it doesn't do anything I already can do via the "Channels DVR" app.

Thanks in advance...

Since you have the subscription Channels DVR app is free. The $ 25 app is for use of Channels Live with a networked OTA Tuner like HD Home Run without the DVR Subscription

Correct--except for the "streaming sources" part.