Channels DVR while Traveling

Hey All,

I wanted to get your opinion. I've been thinking lately how nice it would be to be able to have my Channels DVR on hotel TV's rather than having to watch all my shows on my laptop or iPad.

I'm trying to brainstorm the easiest way to do this. I've thought I could either buy a Firestick for traveling or I've seen people say that you can chromecast as long as I use the web UI on my laptop

Does anyone else have experience with these or something that's worked better for them?

FireStick 4K works very well for travel. It has a wifi portal login feature which lets you connect to the hotel wifi by entering your room number or whatever is required.

I'd advise setting it up with remote access at home first since that can be annoying to use on hotel wifi.


I originally switched to Channels (from Tvheadend) specifically for its remote DVR features. I had no problem using it from hospital rooms, which is a pretty similar use-case as hotel rooms. :wink:

It worked great for this purpose!

This is important. When I made the mistake of not doing this at home before the first time I connected remotely, the only way I could get it to connect was to hotspot the firetv to my phone, and then reconnect it to the hotel wifi.

I'm going to add a quick edit to this post to say that, even the hotspot process to connect, was relatively painless. Clearly, the remote connectivity has been well thought out.

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Thanks guys for your input! It sounds like the Firstick is the way to go so I think i'll be going that route!

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I was just watching Channels at a hotel last night using Firestick. Just make sure you can port forward or use the automatic forwarding via the web interface on your computer before you leave.

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