Channels DVR with Sling TV

im not discounting either of them. i think they're both fine enough services. but both of them have puny "tv everywhere" offerings.

How does Vidgo have puny TVE offerings? What are they missing that they carry? Are you saying they don't carry the channels you like?

both services have limited TVE offerings. vidgo has 33. sling has 29.

im not exactly sure how your math works out 33 out of 95 to be "almost everything they carry"

i try not to get too into subjective choices with these kinds of conversations, but while vidgo has slightly better TVE options, they are both puny. and sling has more channels that we watch, in their in-app service.

I count at least 64. I'm guessing you are referencing the list you posted which has just Espn when you also get Espn 2 and the others , same with FX, Nat Geo. . I'd say Vidgo has very good TVE coverage especially on the major channels.

all im going by is what they each show on their web sites. both of which i posted earlier.
not sure where you're finding the "64" thing?

Not sure what you don't get. When it says FX on their website you get FXM and FXX. When it says ESPN, you get ESPN 2, News, University. Here is the list

Sling is missing ALL of [email protected] networks/ AMC/ Viacom networks, all of which Vidgo has access to.

i'm going by what the providers say on their web sites. which i've already provided.

i'm really tired of going back and forth about it. both have good to really good native offerings, but their TVE options are so limited (at least for my uses) to be complete non-issues.

Ok. So you didn't bother researching and are giving false information. Sad you can admit you are wrong.

look man. straight from the vidgo web site. if they actually have more than they tell you when you click "see ALL included channels" on their own TVE page, that's outside of my knowledge...

Ok so you don't want to do anything research on your own and provide mis information. I get it.

what research? as far as sling's offerings go, having loaded them into my channels dvr listing, what i see there is in line with what they list on their TVE web page. i cant imagine vidgo's being much different.

and FWIW, i dont consider (in most cases) three different regional feeds from one channel to be 3 channels. as the content is often similar if not identical.

what's your problem?

Do you not understand when their website says [email protected] it means all [email protected] channels like History.? Do you not understand when it says ESPN, it's all Espn like Espn 2? Do you not understand when it says FX, it includes. FX, FXM? Do you not understand when it says Hallmark, it includes all Hallmark Channels. Vidgo has great TVE support, especially since it has no DVR.

first of all. you need to cool it with the attitude.

second, it's NOT been my experience (in streaming services, or really ANY other scenario) that just because a parent network is present in a channel offering, that you also–by default–get all its other subsidiary channels. unless of course you're buying that networks package from them directly (like discovery+)

for example, why on the vidgo TVE "all channels" page, it would list A&E, then History "en espanol" if you also got the regular History channel as well. would seem kind of important to them to mention if others were included.

i'm happy to be wrong here. but i'd seriously doubt it.

We have a page that lists exactly which channels are available via TVE. You can compare Sling and Vidgo there:

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You do get the History channel. Thanks for making my point. tmm1 gave you the list just like I did. If you don't want to believe it, that's on you.

well, thanks for also making MY point. to use your language "do you not understand..." you get discovery, but you DO NOT get ALL of discovery's subsidiary channels? no ID, no science, no ahc, no destination america, no discovery life...

this conversation has become remarkably tedious.

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