Channels for iOS is now free!


Since the beginning of Channels for iOS, we have charged extra for it. As of today, not only do we not charge extra, we don't charge at all. Channels for iOS is now free, forever.

Thanks to everyone that helped us get here. Let's have an awesome 2019!

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iOS apps now free

I am guessing the income from the apps was seen as not being worth the barrier to entry. I hope it works out! I sure do love Channels.


Yeah I do worry about the long term future.


I’m guessing that the Apple TV version was the real money maker. Having a free version for iOS users means that people can try out Channels without committing any money up front. I know it would’ve made a difference for me at the time when I was considering Channels. I ended up buying it anyway, but I definitely was a little nervous about this previous to me unknown app develeoper.


I'm glad that new users are not paying for the iOS app once they buy the Apple TV app.

Now, I am begging you guys to create a macOS app. Please?


The HDHomeRun Prime app for macOS is horrible. Sell us please the macOS app! Take my money, please.


The $$ I spent on the Apple TV app was well worth it.
But didn’t want to pay for it again on my iPhone on which I used HDhomerun.
I found out last week when my HDhomerun app didn’t work on my iPhone. I was very surprised and happy to see I wasn’t charged $20 for the channel’s app on my phone.


Do you not like the browser support for Channels? I like it and find it very efficient. The only thing I miss is ‘easier’ channel skipping. I also use the Fluid app to make a container for Channels.