Channels for iOS is out!


Same here, I have Verizon FiOS and I was informed that the HD channels will require 10-15Mbps, SD channels will need 3-5Mbps. I bought the (x2) Netgear FVS318G-200NAS to do a Site-to-Site VPN while traveling. I will be purchasing the HDHomeRun PRIME which uses the Mbps stated about, the EXTEND offers transcoding profiles for mobile devices. My hope is that with my 50Mbps in remote location I should not have an issue streaming across the VPN



Your setup will work for your hardware mentioned. The VPN aspect works whether through Wi-Fi then to LAN/WAN then to VPN then to Wan/LAN on other side or starting with LAN/WAN. My reference was to the iOS app which would be more mobile and possibly use 3G/4G whilst out as this is the iOS section of the forum. You should not really need two switches as VPN features are built into most operating systems. Unless your router on the HDHomeRun end does not have VPN capabilities?


@mikaelnt I have a VPN device on both locations so as not to rely on the OS connecting. I want to treat the devices in both locations as though they were on the same network and maintain the VPN connection between them. So the HDHomeRun PRIME would be in location A and the Apple TV in location B, by having the site-to-site I don’t have to think about establishing a connection when I turn the TV on and use the Apple TV.



I know you have already bought this gear but I thought I would add a thoughts questions.

With regard to VPN

Your upload speed of you home isp is more important than your 50Mbps (I presume) download speed of your home isp.

Your download speed (at remote end) is the speed that you will receive and can play with.

Every device on the switch (at remote end), if using all at the same time, will compete for your download bandwidth.

Your switch may have some features like QoS which can reserve bandwith for an individual ip or MAC address.

You are either working or relaxing. I can only use two devices at a time. This is using my phone whilst watching tv. You will be using the Apple TV on a an 8 port switch which will be wasteful, unless you have a team of workers with desktop machines requiring LAN.

100Mb/s lan. which is the ATV maximum speed is slower than its ac Wi-Fi speed at 6,933Mbp/s. Which is why I believe buying a combined vpn/802.11ac router is better than a lone switch or vpn switch.

2 DD-WRT 802.11ac capable routers, even the cheapest ones, connected via VPN would be better. With that you would have 4 LAN ports minimum plus ac Wi-Fi. These wifi & lan port speeds are only beneficial for non-remote lan, local device to local device.

Maybe that was a rant but I thought I’d share my thoughts.



@mikaelnt Yeah, I know what you mean. I thought it would be the best way to go for my scenario, I’ve not had good experiences using wifi routers with DDWRT. I wanted something that I would not have to maintain with reboots and did the one job very well. The other ports on the Firewall (Netgear FVS318-G) would be dedicated to just doing that, though the only thing connected to it on this end would be the HDHomeRum PRIME the other location does have other devices.

What I had done was to purchase these firewall/VPN on Amazon used for under $60.

I welcome you thoughts on this.


Amazon is my friend too. Let us know how you get on. :grinning:


Hi Guys, I quick one, I have tried the IOS version but the guide data only shows the next hour or so and some not at all.

I have tried switching guide providers but they show nothing at all

In the UK - Freeview



If you use “EPG from DVB” it will download guide data while watching TV. Can take a few minutes and you will need to tune into each mux to download guide data for channels on that mux.


Are we going to be able to set up recordings with the IOS app?


Hi Thanks, but that doesn’t seem to work?



Please email [email protected] with screenshots of what you are seeing in the app.