Channels for iOS is out!


Hey everyone, it’s with great pleasure to announce that Channels is now available for your iOS devices.

It’s not something we really planned to do this fast, but your enthusiasm really showed us that it was something that you really wanted. So, boom, here it is!

We’re really happy with it and couldn’t have done it without you and those of you that helped through the beta process. Thanks so much for the care and interest in Channels over all. You guys are the best.


Channels for iPhone and iPad!
Channels for iPhone and iPad!

Yes I just saw this. Here is the link everybody. Channels iOS


This is fantastic! With a grid guide no less! Awesome work.

Curious if the player you’re using precludes using iOS’ built in Picture in Picture, or if that is planned?


I am about to buy this and will be doing some testing. What I am hoping to do is connect to my hope network whilst out the house via VPN and see if the app can connect to my homerun.



If I buy the iPad version , will the iPhone version be free
Universal app ?


We had to write a custom player to support the HDHR video stream, so PIP won’t work :frowning2:

We’ve heard of other customers doing this. It works great, as long as your internet speeds support streaming 15-20mbps up.

Yes, the iPad/iPhone app is a single purchase.


I have good luck with SD channels this way. HD is tougher due to my Upstream being only 5 Mbps.


Congratulations! Looks and works great. Grid guide also brilliant - any hopes of that porting to ATV version too?

Also, no idea how realistic this is but if there was a way to control ATV version somehow from iOS app that would be amazing. Eg to select channels to play on ATV.

Anyway, iOS version (and ATV) still amazing! Best apps I think I’ve bought!


I thought that might be the case. Glad to have split view in its place though!


So is this app an additional $15 on top of the $25 we paid for the ATV app? Or are we able to download it included in the $25 we already paid?


Why this iOS app do vast, when there is much to do for atv app?

Why no grid guide in atv?

Why pay €15 for the a iOS version if you paid for the atv app?


That grid guide is fantastic! I’ve been hoping for something like this for so long on the Apple TV version. Hope it’s coming soon!

Great work guys, great work.




Purchased! My kids will get more use out of this than I will, but it’s great!


Everything is working great via VPN. As Awisefew says HD can lag if you have slower than 6Mbps. I am using this app with iOS 10 beta with no issues. As I rely on data stored in various apps on my mobile devices, the choice of device capacity will play a big part in my choice of new mobile device, in my case iPhone 7. I moved from the default 16GB available on most seat devices to 64GB but now even this is not enough. 128GB will be my new normal. As I type this the Channels app crashed on my iPhone 6s. This was due to the capacity of my iPhone becoming full with the data stream. I have not looked to see if there is an option to switch off the timeshift capability.

I would like to request some features.

Favourites synced between iOS and tvOS
Be able to set timeshift buffer size or time.

Other features that come to mind are more directed at the DVR side. I will post those there.

Note: With more and more services configured on the home network needing to be accessed from outside the home, my ISP’ upload speed is playing and equal role to the more talked about download speed.


Looks nice, but disappointed it’s not included with purchase of ATV app (like the majority of other apps that are available on both iOS and ATV).


only app I own that wants me to buy it both on the ATV and the IPAD. and by far the most expensive at that. Love the app but this is a bad look IMO.


Looks great and I Bought it.


I bought the iOS version but I don’t use it a lot compared to the tvOS Version. However, my wife uses it a lot at the dressing table. She likes it over using the standalone apps. All of our TV’s have Apple TV with Channels so this just makes since anyway. I assume it will also have the DVR integration so that would be beneficial. When I do use my iPad to watch a TV Show I normally use it for FOX News because it has DRM Protection. If the iOS App (and tvOS) had support for DRM then that would eliminate my need for the other App. But that is the only DRM Channel I have that I watch. Anyway, it works extremely well as expected. I also have AC Wifi.


Channels 1.0.1 is now available on the App Store! Just a few small improvements:

  • NEW: Added a filter for non hd channels
  • IMPROVED: Some design tweaks for the favs bar on iPad
  • FIXED: App would sometimes crash on the guide