Channels for Windows


Are there any plans for a Windows version of the Channels client? I use the iOS and ATV app already, but it would be nice to have this for my other Windows devices as well.


The channels and recordings are all accessible through the DVR web-ui.


I had switched to Plex for a while, but it just wasn’t as impressive as Channels so I’m back. I just ordered a Celeron NUC to use as a dedicated box for the DVR. I plan to run Windows 10 on it. As a long time Media Center user, it feels wrong to just stick this under a desk somewhere. If there was a Channels client for Windows, then I could actually connect this to the TV and save myself $180 by not buying another Apple TV.


I would also appreciate a Win10 client for Channels.

IMO, using the current Web UI for future recording setup (pass, advanced pass & one off) is already sufficient for iOS, tvOS, Android, Mac and Windows DVR installations, however the search for recorded files for playback on any other platform than iOS/tvOS is severely lacking.

My foremost requirement is to be able to view/select recordings on an Alpha basis. Thus, one could easily utilize the advanced (com-skip) Channels “native” playback methodology on additional platforms (Android, Windows & Mac (with added client)…etc.) rather than using the limited Web UI playback on those device platforms.

Then, over time, the recording setup could be added to these other platforms to yield a feature rich client app for each platform. :grinning:


I would appreciate a Windows client also. Especially if it would make use of Windows Media Center remotes.


I have 3, Intel NUCs in my house for the tv’s each running Windows 7 with WMC. I really want to get away from WMC before Microsoft kills it, but I don’t want to buy all new devices as the NUCs can do quite a bit more then just WMC. So a Windows 7 version of Channels would help greatly in making Channels a potential solution.