Channels good to go with Hdhomerun new service?


Looks like they’ll be available tomorrow.

Android tv and fire tv both show the demo channels right now. iOS and tvOS do not. They’ll will after you subscribe though.

We’ll get an update out very soon that handles them a bit more gracefully.

Channels DVR will need a little more work to support them due to guide data and channel mapping.


Sure wish SD would coordinate their “latest and greatest” with partners/major devs (like Channels) on HDHR devices. As usual, they are too slooowww/defiant in their approach to con current development.


I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but this could be the best news I’ve read all year! I have a question for one of the devs… will I be able to use this new HDHomeRun Premium service with Channels and Channels DVR on my HDHR Extend without having to worry about the DRM issues that come with the HDHR Prime and a CableCARD?


Channels DVR will support HDHR Premium in the coming weeks. It will work just like it does for regular OTA channels.


Can I use a HDHomerun Prime and HDHomerun Connect together with Channels? I have the Prime because I have the basic cable channels with my internet service. I’d like to buy the Connect to take advantage of SiliconDust new streaming service.


Yes you can, but there might be some channel number conflicts.


Will these channels work with remote streaming?


Yes all DVR features will work exactly the same way.


You may be able to eliminate your HDHR Prime and CableCARD altogether, depending on what you mean by basic cable. The HDHR Connect has a Clear-QAM tuner in it, so it will work with any unencrypted cable channels. For example, I use my HDHR Extend Duo to get 20+ local channels for $10/mo. through Verizon FiOS.


Hmmm… The new channels are not showing up for me in the Channels iOS app. Something one needs to do to get them to show up?




Up here in the great white north (Canada) I have them showing on my shield, but we can’t subscribe yet, so unavailable on Apple TV.


I am getting a buy now option on the site where it said coming soon yesterday.




I’m signed up and they are showing on my iPad and Apple TV but no guide data until they update the DVR.


Yeah, for DVR subscribers, there will be no guide data until we can update Channels DVR to have some network mapping.

For those that only use Channels for live TV and hence, use SD’s data, there were will be guide data.

Program guide & new HDHR service

Don’t know if I was supposed to do this but I changed mine from OTA to the Spectrum Cable and mapped the channels in the guide. Seems to work perfect. I even did some recordings. :slight_smile:


Heh, yep. Great work @tshele! With manual channel mapping you can totally get it to work. We’re just hoping to make it easier for everyone going forward :wink:


Sorry if this has been asked and answered, but with the new premium service are you able to record the premium channels and, if so, are they “clear” files in the DVR as well?

Also, any eta on when there will be guide data in the DVR for premium channels?

Thanks as always!


Awesome. I will let you know if I run into any trouble.