Channels good to go with Hdhomerun new service?


SiliconDust HDHomeRun Premium TV
New Homerun Premium Channels
Program guide & new HDHR service

They actually mention Channels… I’d sign up and ditch DirecTV now most likely.

These Premium Programs may also work with one of our partner applications like Plex, Channels, or Emby subject to their own guide data services


I’m ditching Vue


Cant wait for this! I bet the devs will be all over this!


The demo channels are working in their app and Channels on my Shield, and seems to run pretty well.


Working on Fire tv


Working on my Fire TV as well but not on Apple TV yet. Running new scan on Apple TV does not appear to help. So far all of the channels I have tuned to on the Fire TV appear to have DD 5.1 audio also.


How is your PQ? mine is poor. h.264 720p 28fps 2.5 mbps for cable channels


Would love to see this on the Apple TV and iOS. Nothing yet though.


should work on any device. I needed to update my pc software


Demo channels don’t appear on tvOS/iOS, but once you subscribe those channels will appear on all our apps.

We also plan to add support in Channels DVR in the coming weeks.


About the same. Some more noticeable than others. The espn channels seem to be a little better than the others


Anybody know how to subscribe? The button just says coming soon.


When I go to and click on premium tv, all I get is a coming soon banner with no options to subscribe yet. As soon as it’s available I will definitely be testing it out further.


Are you back? Hope so!


Do they appear on a Mac? I can’t seem to see any of the demo channels on a Mac either.


If you use HDHR’s Mac app they should show up. Channels DVR will support them in the coming weeks as I mentioned earlier


Will the DVR be able to note commercials like over the air?


will be available in a few days


Ha! Ok, this is very cool. We’re not gonna pay $35/mo. to get it, but it is very cool :slight_smile: