Channels IOS 4.3.3 Sources missing

I'm running Channels DVR (2020.12.31.0029) on Ubuntu and noticed on my IOS clients (IOS 14.2, Iphone 11, 4.3.3) I only see 2 sources (both HDHR). I currently have 10 sources on the server. I'm not sure when this happened but I noticed it a couple of days ago. All Libraries, etc are accessible.

I noticed the issue again today and checked another phone and it was the same as mine. I've uninstalled and reinstalled on the ios device and updated the server software to no avail. I don't see a way to manually add the other sources, youtube, philo, a couple m3u sources back in the client. I have 2 Firestick 4K's and a Tivo Stream 4K and both of them are showing all the sources. Any ideas what could cause this?

Does the settings tab show it connected to your dvr server IP address? Sounds like it's not in DVR mode.

It shows connected.

Any errors in the DVR web UI log? If you enable turner sharing in the client and try watch one of the HDHR channels, does it work?

There doesn't seem to be any issues in the log other than what I normally see there. Nothing specific to IOS devices. I turned on the tuner sharing and was able to watch on the phone, but I could watch on the phone without it being turned on. It is all the TVE and m3u sources that aren't showing on the IOS devices. Android devices are working with no issues.

When I say watch, I mean HDHR sources.

Click Settings > Support > Submit Diagnostics

Just Submitted at 13:02. It didn't give me a reference number like I've seen on the web ui.

Found it in the server log.
2021/01/01 13:02:22.021453 New diagnostic log submitted under e18f0e86-6a30-4748-8d1a-9dc383653eab

I’ve noticed that when I connect on the iOS device it initially says the server isn’t found and then goes ahead and connects. It alternates saying connected to the IP address and connected to a device named 7f49xxxxxxx(didn’t write the whole thing down). I tried turning off the firewall on the Ubuntu box and disabling my pihole just in case. Problem still persists only on iOS clients.

Can you try downloading the latest TestFlight beta and see if that has any improvements? You can sign up here:

After you load the updated app, please submit diagnostics again from the app.

I loaded the beta. Still showing only the hdhr sources. Diagnostics submitted under 45072725-8088-4d2b-812d-2d408bc26f66. Thanks

Okay, I've added more logging. Can you update to the latest TestFlight beta and run through the process again? It should give me more detailed logging of the situation.

Sorry, just saw this. I believe I updated. Nothing seems to have changed. Diagnostics ab136c7d-c6de-4d3e-9642-d74732a36f4c

Sorry, something went wrong with the diagnostics submission. Could you try it again?

Just Sent -5c538c19-d4e8-4c79-8c1e-1aa089ad5511

Okay! We finally figured out what the underlying issue is.

It looks like in your m3u sources you have Cam.png and Cam.png and the spaces are causing issues. If you replace the spaces with %20 I believe it'll work.

We'll see what we can do to improve the situation around this.

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If you can share the original m3u entries that will help us write a test.

Thank you! That did it. Leave it to me to figure out a way to break some great software.I appreciate the help.

Hopefully this is what you need.

#EXTINF:-1,channel-id="BackCam" channel-number="7002" tvg-logo=" Cam.png" tvg-name="BackCam" tvc-guide-title="BackYard Camera" tvc-guide-art="", Backcamera
rtsp://username:[email protected]:81/Cam2

#EXTINF:-1,channel-id="FrontCam" channel-number="7001" tvg-logo=" Cam.png" tvg-name="FrontCam" tvc-guide-title="Front Yard Camera" tvc-guide-art="", Frontcamera
rtsp://username:[email protected]:81/Cam1&w=1280&h=720

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