Channels IPTV links


Is there a way we can also grab dvr content the same way we can grab a live stream?

Say we are using quad stream and want to point 1 of the panels to a show residing on the dvr and we point another panel to a live stream?


You can right click copy link on the Watch button in the web UI.


I’ll give it a try when I get home.


The best i found is to place the channel’s iptv links in random order along with other links in the .m3u playlist, so even if you change the channels there is enough time to get atleast one tuner release when playing the next channel.


Anyone thinks we can get this to work with something chromecast enabled? Im thinking about playing around with this and use it to cast the stream via google home or alexa to my tv, so there is no need anymore to open the app first on my Apple TV.

Not sure it works tho


I'm messing with this using QuadStream on appletv. Is there something you can add to the link to tell it not to transcode? If I look at my cpu usage while using a stream in quadstream vs watching in the channels dvr app, using the iptv link is clearly causing it to transcode.

This is the link I'm using. http://ipaddr:8089/devices/ANY/channels/47.1/hls/master.m3u8.


By default it uses the bitrate and resolution set on the settings web UI.

You could add ?codec=copy to the end to disable transcoding