Channels is Amazing! Linux not so much

Just wanted to add my two cents… I absolutely love channels and everything you guys are doing (it was the first thing Wife approved!!!). I originally purchased a PC to run Emby, which didn’t work as well as I had hoped, and have since adapted it to linux to run my channels server. Channels runs amazing, and I have experienced no problems.

Although Channels hasn’t been a problem, I must say Linux has been a headache. Every time I try and run a command prompt for different things (not channels related), I always hit a road bump (Not asking for help as they have all been solved).

I understand running channels on OSX would quickly solve this problem, however that’ll mean a new PC. It’d be nice to see Channels ported to Windows for this reason. I have read that this could be in the future for channels; so I just wanted to give my +1 for it.

Thank you Developers for an amazing product. You guys are truly a godsend.

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We are working on porting the software to windows, but there’s a lot involved to make it happen.

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Not to be derogatory but WinBlows b y MMI (Microsoft Malware, Inc.) simply cannot hold a candle to Linux. This isn't a matter of personal preference as I like Ford & You rather own a Chevy. MS is an Evil Empire that simply knows how to market. I suggest you spend a bit more time in the Open Source Community and learn how to optimize & tweak your Linux system. Don't be so quick to jump ship. It's well worth the effort. BTW - if you ever want my help I'd be happy to help in anyway I can. No Charge! I have over 40 years in the business & can likely offer something. I don't claim to be the smartest guy in the room and b y no means do I have all of the answers, but 90% of the time something improves and/or I can direct "where to look" Be well & don't give up ... :wink:

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Alot has changed since this post 4 YEARS ago....i mean...realy. ok revive an ancient thread.

But, all i say, now, one does not have to know anything about Linux in order to enjoy the benefits of a Channels DVR server running on it. All you have to do is get a Raspberry Pi 4 kit, and flash the special Channels DVR image to a fast usb stick or best a usb 3.0 ssd drive, boot from that, and its done.

Or use a Linux-based Intel NAS -- just load Channels DVR and away you go.

Or buy a shield and install the server.

I’ve been subscribed to channels for four years now. Since this post I upgraded my whole system and went with a synology NAS to run my whole network.

That said the nvidia shield was a quick and easy solution back when I used it.

I’d vote nvidia shield if you already have one.

I have been running Channels on Linux Ubuntu for over a year. I also run Plex and Home Assistant on the same server. Even though Ubuntu has not turned out to be my favorite distro, it has provided the rock solid, stable performance that I have come to expect from Linux.