Channels is crashing on Shield TV

I just upgraded the server to 2023.05.24.1432 on my Windows 11 PC and on one of my Shield TVs the Channels Beta (Channels Beta v405190029) and Channels (Channels v4.6.3) are both crashing trying to open. I have rebooted my Shield TV and still crashing during the "Preparing your TV..." screen. What do you need for support to be able to figure out the reason for this? Thank you.


It is crashing the same way on another Nvidia Shield TV running version Channels Beta v405190029.

This crashes on my shield tv Everytime and this just started happening. I can't be the only one with this issue.

I have reinstalled the server software back to non beta version , I have reinstalled the apps on all my devices and the Shield TV app is still crashing on multiple devices. I have zero clue how to resolve this but at the moment I can't use this and I am paying for it monthly, If this was a freeware app I could understand buyer beware, but it isn't and at the moment I can't use this and not sure how to fix it, so basically I am paying for nothing. I am extremely frustrated and spent at least an hour and half messing with this to try and resolve remotely on vacation.

I use 2 Shield. Not crashing on either of them.

Works fine on my Shield using latest released and beta versions. Server running on Windows 11 pro using latest pre-release version. I suppose you don't have one of the Experimental options selected that may be causing problems or maybe a faulty source. Not sure if any of those can cause a client failure. You might send the server diagnostic log files to support along with an email. I don't know how to get the client log files from the Shield, if it doesn't load.

this started a little more than a week ago, and unfortunately it crashes right after the "Preparing your TV....". and cannot get to the settings screen to check. I wonder if it isn't with a source causing the problem. Thanks for letting me know that others it is working.

I have 2 Shield Pro (2019) clients using a Win10 server here, no issues.

Is your Shield client able to connect to any other server type applications on your server, like Plex or Emby? Start by making sure your network is working.

A good place to do this would be on the server, Top row tabs >> support >> logs

The crashes appear to be "Out Of Memory Error"

How many recordings are on your DVR?

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A few. I am looking and see with my 7.3 TB drive (which is all used for channels) has 6.2 TB free. So I have more than a TB of DVR content. Is that too much?

How many shows and recordings? It should be listed on the settings web ui

Well I deleted most of them and the thing is still crashing. I am not sure if I need to rebuild this whole thing since something happened unsure what.

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I am not sure what I did, since I did a few things (cleared a bunch of DVR items, removed a source) but it seems to not be crashing on any device and I have tried three Shield TVs to make sure.

I was having the same issues. My Shield Tube was constantly crashing. It would even freeze to the point where I had to unplug my device because it was so unresponsive. I followed part of your advice and deleted a load of programmes I had recorded on a seperate server. Touch wood, I'm not having issues since. My Storage was roughly 50% full of a 1TB drive. Maybe the way the data is cached on the shield?

Turns out I had a bunch of non standard videos for local content being imported into Channels, that was causing the Channels instability. When removing the DVR items the Shield TVs started working fine, but none of my Apple TVs were working being they were crashing at launch no matter which one I used. I removed those items since they were not movies or TV shows. Once I did that the crashing stopped.

Interesting. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop. Glad you got it to work. I'll check the file types it has in there. Maybe it was a broken recording that isn't saved in the same file type as the others. Here in the UK, I'm not sure if all broadcasted TV is encoded the same way.