Channels isn't sharing via Apple Family Sharing

Hi All, I know this is likely to be an issue with Apple Family Sharing on Apple TV, but just hoping for a simple fix that I'm missing.

I purchased the amazing Channels for HDHomeRun quite a while ago and was using it often and working perfectly.

As part of a move to Family Sharing for my home, I've setup a new "shared services" account that my Apple TVs use to login.

The issue is that whilst I can see Channels on the Apple TV (App Store / Purchased / Family Sharing / Old User Account / Channels), when I try to install it by clicking on it, it is asking for me to pay for the app again.

To be honest I'm tempted just to pay again, great app, but this seems to be a larger issue that I'm hoping to understand.

A few other points
Is both the account that originally purchased Channels in the same family as the new account the Apple TVs are using = Yes

Does the account that originally purchased Channels "share" purchases with the family = Yes

Do all other accounts in the family share purchases with the family = yes

Have I tried to logout & login again on the Apple TV = Yes

Is this a problem on my second Apple TV = Yes (I have two, same config/account setup)

Have I checked this forum for advice = Yes

Have I checked Apple/Internet for advice = Yes

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Thank you for the fast response, I've gone as far as I dare to the point of been ready to double tap the side button on my phone to authorise purchase.

Just making sure before I go that one last step.

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Do any of the other accounts in the family have the ability to re-download this purchased app without having to pay again, or is this issue exclusive to the "shared services" account you created for the Apple TV's?

@Fofer it's quite a process to log an AppleTV out fully and then re-login with a different user to test. Hoping to avoid that, but might do that at some point if nothing else obvious pops up. Family sharing is working fine across my iOS and MacOS devices amongst the users, obviously AppleTV a bit harder to test.

Thanks for the suggestion.

No, it's quick and easy, no need to log out at all, just use Control Center to toggle between users. You can have a "default user" and "additional users" that you switch between, on-the-fly.

Perhaps with this information you'll realize you don't need a "shared services" account exclusively for AppleTV usage after all.

While this works, I think there's a better way -- if I'm not mistaken. Just go to the App Store on your Apple TV, click the purchased tab, click family sharing, then choose the user who originally bought the app. From there I believe you can install the app without getting asked to pay.


Let’s be finally clear: Apples flow for this is terrible and has not changed for 15 years.

It will ask you to pay, you will have to agree, and then after, it will tell you that you don’t have to pay because a family member has already purchased it.

Family Sharing is not something we can break, fix, or mess up. We set it 7 years ago in our App Store listing and haven’t changed it since. It’s literally just a checkbox on our App Store listing.

If it is broken, it is an Apple issue and they should be contacted.

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