Channels issues - glitches

Firstly I’m not very techy so I’ll ask for help with issues we have had for a number of months.
I run CHANNELS APP on Apple TV.
We’ve almost given up using it now, as it constantly, majorly glitches or has no reception.
We’ve re-set, changed some settings etc, re-programmed the channels to be found and had new Virgin hub installed. Our WIFI signal strength is good - 100m. Just wondered if there was any advice or FIX please? Thanks.

Does the official HDHR app have the same issue on the Apple TV?

How about on other devices like phone tablet or computer

Yes on iPad, iPhones, both Apple TVs. We used to love it but considering stopping subscription as only use now is the fact that husband has used DVR recordings to store some stuff.
I’ve just tried it again on 3 main channels and after the wheel of search, it goes to black screen with white message saying “cannot find” with reference to the IP number I think

Any errors shown in the DVR web ui log? What device are you using as the DVR server device? Is it connected via wifi or Ethernet?

Please take a photo of the error.

So you have used the official SiliconDust hdhomerun app on these devices? Does it have the same problem or not?

Yes silicon dust
I’ve tried tonight and channels app isn’t letting me further than the CONNECT or HELP screen
Looking for IP address which when I put in, just gives the glitchy service over last few months
I use all the official tech
Apple TV, channels app, DVR through Apple Mac pc
Close to giving up.
Sadly got used to watching Freeview lately

Is your DVR server set with a static IP address? If not you might want to try that.