Channels listing issue

I'm running Channels DVR 2019.10.19.0202, I have Android 2.1.14 on an Nvidia Shield and a Firestick 4K, this morning I noticed something odd when sorting On Now and Guide channels between All and Favorites. For tuners I have a HDHR Prime, HDHR Connect and TVE, they are prioritized in that order. The channels these tuners have in common are CBS on the Prime and Connect, NBC on all 3 tuners, Fox on the Prime and Connect, PBS on the Prime and Connect. When I filter by Favorites I get the channels I have set as Favorite, when I filter by All channels NBC and Fox on the Connect are not listed, channel 6000 NBC on TVE is not listed either, it's like duplicates on lower priority tuners are ignored, but oddly I see both PBS channels. Another oddity is the CBS channel on the Prime tuner is DRM, I have that channel set as not included at all but it shows up in the All channels listing. When I view all this in a web browser I see channels as they should be when set to the All and Favorite filters, this seems to be an Android app issue or maybe I'm just missing something.

Duplicates will be dropped from lower priority sources. The reason for some not being dropped like PBS is most likely they do not appear to be duplicates in the DVR.

Regarding DRM Channels and maybe SD Channels on your Prime or Connect. I found it best to disable them at the HDHomerun level so they do not show up in the DVR or Clients.


The duplicate channels on lower priority tuners will be used automatically when you tune the channel and the higher priority tuner is busy

Thanks for the answers!

After playing around with this I think the way this is right now is wrong. If I filter to see all channels, I want to see ALL the channels available to me and be able to select the one I want, same for what I have setup in Favorites. Is this a change you'd be willing to make? Explain to me why it isn't this way, it is in the web version, why not in Android?