Channels live TV app & channels Dvr app not opening

Both apps not opening on shield after 8.0 update... cleared cache an data an uninstalled an reinstalled apps still not working... it just force closes. Restarted shield also an not working

Is your DVR installed on the SHIELD as well?

No it's installed on my nas

Can you check your NAS to make sure the DVR is running correctly and no errors are shown?

I'm using the Channels app here on an updated SHIELD and its working as expected.

I Checked the log data shows everything looks good I can connect to my dvr via chrome on an off my network

Was watching tv just an hour ago an recording... saw there was an update for the shield did the update an now the apps won't open

I am also on dvr beta build 2019.07.31.1805 if that helps out

Fixed ** Shut down the dvr service on my nas an restarted it even though everything seemed to be working... I was recording an able to access it an make changes... but now the app will open on the shield an not force close... maybe it was trying to load some data an it wasn't liking something.... thanks again for the quick response!

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