Channels missing from beta client guide

My guide is working fine everywhere except in the beta client.

On the server the guide for multiple sources is as expected and clicking on a program in the guide allows me to play video. I can turn on/off sources within the guide at the server, everything works fine.

On the stable client the guide for multiple sources is as expected and and I can filter the guide using the filter arrow as shown in picture #1. All good.

On the beta client the guide always seems to be missing entries no matter what I try. If I go to the sources menu and select a source, all channels are there as I scroll down the long list of channels for that source. I can turn on/off favorites even for channels that are not shown in the guide. If I double click a channel from the list, it plays even if that channel is missing from the guide. The more I play however, the more channels disappear from the guide. They are still in the settings/sources list, just not in the guide.

I uninstall/reinstall the beta client. In the beginning all of the channels are in the guide, but as I play around more and more channels disappear. I do it all again making sure to have the latest beta, no difference.

After lots of exploring I noticed that the filter shown in picture 1 is never shown in the beta client. See picture 2. I suspect some filters are being applied to the guide but I can never re-enable all channels to be displayed.

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

EDIT: I should also mention that the apparent text filters (All Channels, HD Channels, SD Channels,...) shown in picture 2 are not there either in the beta client. No arrow, no text filters, how can I turn on all channels to be displayed in the guide? (I pulled these pics from google images just for talking purposes.)

It looks like you turned the collections off. This is a setting. Check your client settings and your Server Side Settings.

General > Live TV > Guide Channel Collections

I have no collections defined. I've been trying to run a minimalistic UI until I get things well understood. I turned on collections everywhere I could. No luck. In the pic, I was given two options but neither

one could be selected. Maybe because I have no collections defined?

Update: I found the "All Channels" collection enable switch and that was the answer. Thanks for your help. Progress: after enabling the client setting as you suggested and restarting the client, the filter arrow appeared at the top of the guide channels columns. But I can only select Movies, SPorts, Drama, News, Kids. I'd like to select "All Channels"

There is another setting for "All Channels" filter being visible

Yes, found that, and its all good now--thanks.

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As mentioned before. The All Channels for some odd reason gets turned off. This came up 3 times in the last month and I do believe none of us turned this off. Not sure what had caused it to do that.

Yes I've seen that as well when setting up a new Apple TV

Thanks, I feel better.