Channels missing from Guide on Nvidia Shield

Just noticed that ESPN (channel 70) is appearing on my guide on the Nvidia Shield, but ESPN HD (channel 570) is not in the guide. Same with the other ESPN channels. They all appear in the browser guide on the server, and in the list of channels on the HDHomeRun Prime tuner.

I’ve seen other instances of this issue popping up on the forum. Is there a fix for this?


Can you submit diagnostics from the app

Just did so from the iPhone app, which is also showing the same issue.


I'm having a similar issue. I have the DVR software running on a Windows 10 machine, but the DVR apps on my nvidia shield and android phone do not show the changes I have made to my favorites or any channels I have disabled. The phone actually shows even less than the shield. It's like the DVR apps on the shield and phone don't see the Windows 10 DVR service as "primary".

Just did a quick test on my phone. I had to uninstall and reinstall the channel DVR app to get it to pull the new channel lineup and favorites. I guess I don't get why it doesn't do this every time the app gets launched.

This is an area the Devs are working on currently.