Channels name instead of logos in Fire TV client

I am testing Channels DVR and I noticed that the Channel Logo is always shown when present instead of channel name.

Since I have some channels that, despite they are slight different, are using the same logo, is it possibile to disable logos and only have channels names?

I cannot find a setting for this in Fire TV client.
Also I am unable to update Fire TV app to beta version.....

Thank you

Are you using an old Tablet or a TV with FireTV ?

Fire TV connected to my TV....

I have both Icons and Channel numbers on my FireTV 4K and FireTV Cube.

Is your ChannelsDVR app on fire tv version 4.0.1 like mine?

Sorry, you have channels numbers and Icons. I am looking for channel names....

Gotcha I do not think that was ever an option ... but I could be wrong.