Channels not in the category expected

I'm not sure if this is something you control or it comes from upstream, but when viewing channels by category, they're often not files where I'd expect.

For example, MSNBC and CNN are often not listed under "News", even if they're running a news program such as a debate. Other times they appear in the category as expected.

Putting aside any sort of political argument, I think most people would agree these are news channels.
Is there any way for me to manually set the category of a channel, or otherwise fix these?

The genres aren't for the channels themselves, but rather the currently airing program on that channel, IIRC.

Also, the genres associated with a program aren't always 100% accurate, or classified as you may think.

In addition, Channels doesn't do the classification themselves. Rather, it's provided by Gracenote, who handles most of the guide data for cable/satellite operators, too.

Thanks. I understand its by show, that's why I specified that it happened when a news program was playing :slight_smile:

Is there any way built-in to override that behavior, and specify a category?

(I think I have a hacky workaround I think should work if necessary.. But it would be much cleaner if there were a way to set it in the app or web ui)