Channels not matching hdhr quattro

So when I go to my Quattro interface it says 33 channels discovered. I go in to channels it says 33...then I close the app, reopen it and it says only 25. I go back to the HDHR interface and it says 33 channels. I rescan one the app and it now says 33. Guide refreshes and all is “good”. I close the app, reopen it and it is back to 25. What’s going on!? I can’t seem to figure it out.

The only thing I haven’t done is remove the app and reinstall it.

Which channels are disappearing.

If you swipe left on your HDHR on the settings tab and select Refresh Device, does it change?

It's possible you have some channels marked as hidden on the HDHR via under Channel Lineup. These will not appear on the app.

Right, I don’t have any blocked on the HDHR. I just refreshed the device. We shall see what happens. Thanks. I forgot about the refresh!