Channels not recognising HD/SD group-title in M3U

Apologies if this has already been covered elsewhere, but does Channels recognise the group-title tag in an M3U playlist?

All of my custom channels appear under the HD category automatically. Adding group-title=“SD” to the playlist doesn’t seem to do anything. Is this normal? Should I be able to get Channels to recognise these tags?

If not, is it possible to determine the channel resolution another way?

Just bumping this one as well.

Are there any plans to import the groups from the m3u file?

I'll add support for this in the next prerelease.


Are there any plans to add support of any group-title specified in the M3U file? Or was this just for the SD group? Would be really nice if it imported all of the group-titles and automatically put the channels in their assigned groups.

Can you give me some more examples of group-title values? I only implemented what was asked for in the first post.

Sure. The group-title flag in the m3u is actually open and anything can be put into it. Its meant to group channels.

What I'm hoping happens is that when it imports the m3u lists it will parse that tag and automatically create and put those channels into those groups.

The kodi plugin (which is what I'm playing with too) will read these groups and present them in the kodi EPG so you can easily jump between groups.

Sounds exactly like Channel Collections. So you would like Channel Collections to be created/updated if a Custom Channel playlist uses the group-title tag?

I guess so. I'm not sure the exact terminology, but I guess its channel collections. I was saying groups because when I'm looking at the guide in the web interface you can select a group (currently I see HD, Non-HD, All Channels and Favorites). I was thinking it would show up here if anything.

I did make a test channel collection, but it doesn't show up in that list. So I'm guessing it may be different.

The guide in the web UI on the DVR does not filter the guide based upon collections. Sorting/limiting the guide based upon a channel collection is only handled in the app. The web UI is for creating/sorting the channel collections, but the client apps are where the collections are actually viewed/used.

Ahhh... makes sense. I'm using the Kodi plugin which works really well and that is importing the collections. So I guess that is the best place to import the groups information too.

Can a channel have more than one group in the m3u group-title?

Apparently, yes. Multiple groups are separated by ;s:
… group-title="Group A;Group B;Group C" …

Thanks @racameron. I was going to reply with the same info. ; is the separator but from my experience not everybody follows it. Kodi apprently does though as of 2018 or so. It probably can't hurt to add it as well.

Could you also add in a way to add multiple channels to a channel Collection at the same time. It is painful and time consuming having to add one channel at a time

Hi Guys,

Just followign up and curious if we the option to populate the channel collections using the group-title from the m3u is a feature that is being considered or not?