Channels not using all tuners? (Bug)

Channels log is reporting that all tuners are full even though I have 3 open. I have 3 primes and tested to make sure the one with the open tuners was functioning. Looks like there is a bug where the DVR is only attempting to use the first Prime and ignoring the other two in order behind it.

Error: HDHomeRun: 805 All Tuners In Use


Seems unlikely but I can't tell anything without the logs.

Yeah, sorry I was testing to see if I could find anything, so far I can tell that another one of my DVR's is using the second tuner in the list. Here is the only error I get...

2019/08/08 21:28:10 [ERR] Failed to start stream for ch83: HDHomeRun: 805 All Tuners In Use

The prime with free tuners is second priority on this DVR, which is throwing the error. Another DVR is using the second priority Prime when needed. The channel I'm tuning to is enabled on all Primes.

Is channel 83 available on all tuners? What are the messages before that.. It should show it trying to use each device ID in turn (in order or priority).

The webui log isn't showing any other errors before, and all Primes have the same channels enabled and the clients using them have all Primes checked...

2019/08/08 21:24:27 [HLS] Starting transcoder for channel 711 from  (encoder=remux, resolution=, deinterlacer=, bitrate=10000)
2019/08/08 21:24:47 [ERR] Failed to start stream for ch83: HDHomeRun: 805 All Tuners In Use
2019/08/08 21:26:07 [ERR] Failed to start stream for ch83: HDHomeRun: 805 All Tuners In Use
2019/08/08 21:28:10 [ERR] Failed to start stream for ch83: HDHomeRun: 805 All Tuners In Use
2019/08/08 21:31:53 [ERR] Failed to start stream for ch83: HDHomeRun: 805 All Tuners In Use

I have 3 DVRs and 3 Primes, the Primes are set in rotating priority on each DVR (which probably doesn't serve any purpose). The other two DVRs are accessing the Prime that the problem DVR seems to be ignoring.

Also re-scanned the network, the DVR still sees all tuners. Once the first priority Prime is full it throws the error with open tuners on both additional primes.

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Trying to eliminate all possibilities

  • tired opening channels from the webui since you cannot de-select available tuners it should try using all but doesn't
  • Using another DVR tuned to the same channels using the tuners that are being ignored to make sure the other primes are working properly, and they are
  • Of note: all Primes are on 4/17 firmware and need updating, trying that next
  • Of note: tvOS app is not displaying "no tuner available" on screen, just black with a buffering symbol

Ok, so it is happening on all 3 DVRs, but I'm 99% sure my main DVR was using more than one Prime earlier. Could it somehow only be affecting remote streams, where local devices are properly accessing all tuners but remote streams are being limited to the first priority?

Do the remote clients all have the same priority settings as the DVR they are accessing? If they differ, it might account for some of the discrepancies.

Yes, and I've also tested using only the web ui which adheres strictly to the DVR priority.

@tmm1 All Primes have been updated and each DVR instance has been rebooted. Each DVR can see all 3 Primes but they are only attempting to access the first priority. There are no issues with channels or sources being disabled to cause this.

The exception to this is that a local device will access another tuner if priority 1 is full. For example, three local devices are accessing all tuners of priority 1 Prime and I attempt to start a remote stream, it will fail even if the other two Primes are free. If a fourth local devices tries to start a channel it will grab a tuner from one of the unused primes. (I think it may also limit local devices that are transcoding to the first priority as well but I need to test this further)

I'm not seeing any errors in the log other than what was previously reported.

Also, is it strictly as issue with first priority and not the Primes, if I change the priority order it will correctly use priority #1 no matter which Prime that is, but will only use that single Prime for remote streams.

Bug confirmed. Only affects remote streams. Recordings use multiple tuners correctly, as does the Apple TV app when using Tuner Sharing at home.

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Really impressed with ability and tenacity of both of you:

@Jmcguire525 and @tmm1

Congrats on job well done :grinning:

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Do I need to update to the beta or is a fix coming for stable?

I will be working on this later this week and fix will be in the pre-release for testing first.


Web-UI is now using the wrong tuners. For example, I have channel 13 disabled on my quatro and enabled on 2 lower priority extends. When I tune to channel 13 via the web-ui, it tunes the first priority quatro to the disabled channel. This uses the wrong antenna and has poor signal quality. It tunes correctly on Apple TV, though.

If you look at the disabled/favorite status in the web UI, is it disabled there? Sometimes the Channels DVR needs to be synced with changes to the device. To do this, choose the "Scan Network" option in the drop-down for the Sources section in the web UI.

No, this is not a config problem. It is a bug.

It is disabled in Web-UI. And disbaled on the actual HDHomeRun web-admin. Yet, Channels web-ui will still tune the first priority tuner to the disabled channel.