Channels on Phillips TV

Hi I use Shield. But thinking of getting a Phillips TV which has Android built in. Anyone any experience of Channels with a Phillips TV?

No. But I do have experience with a Sony TV. About 3 weeks ago we replaced our 8 or 10 year old 42" philips with a 55" Sony 55x950g.

We had been using a nvidia shield for android tv and intended to keep using the shield on the new tv. All the reviews I had read here and on other sites claimed that android on a smart TV was slow and annoying to use.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it out. I installed the channels client and emby on the Sony. The menus and responsiveness seems almost as good if not just as good as the shield. Both emby and channels are on my server so the TV is just a client. I never hooked up the ShieldTV and we have had no problems over the last 3 weeks. The other advantage is that it's simpler to use since I have a Sony soundbar which linked automatically to the TV. Now we can use the remote that came with the TV and ditch the Harmony hub setup.

950 series is on the high end. It’s got a good cpu. I have a 42” 800 series and the built in android tv is worthless. The specs are just too low on the tv.

Check to see how high end the Phillips model is. You can also just do a google search on generally how well android tv performs in that model (not just Channels). If it’s bad people will have complaints.