Channels on Ubuntu Headless Server Chrome Error

Can someone shed some light on this? Everything was working, but I think the authentication expired in my Spectrum TVE, and now I get this. I feel like there is still some Headless Chrome stuff missing that causing this.

I figured it out, I just needed to update Chrome. I assumed that it would update itself, but it seems nothing auto updates in Ubuntu Server.

It may revert back after fixing it from the UI. I had to disable snap, uninstall Chrome, then go to the troubleshooting section and click fix chrome. Been working perfect ever since for me.

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I'm going to have do some learning, I dont even know what snap is. I saw a thread on getting rid of it, when I have a few extra minutes, Ill be checking into it.

Here you go :blush:

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Yeah, that's the thread I saw, but now I wont to go look for it again, so thank you!!!

I didnt see a mention of how to get chrome reinstalled after snap is removed. It shows that chrome install fails as proof that snap is gone. That's scary.

Channels DVR will install it when you go to troubleshooting in the DVR web UI and Fix Chrome

This should be in the instructions on the Channels Website. I would've never had to deal with this.

Use Debian instead of Ubuntu.

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It's too late for that...LOL I'm already committed to this. If I have to rebuild again, I will definitely try it first.

It seems to working. Thank you for the help!!!

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