Channels only showing non-favorited channels

Subject says it all. I have the server enforced settings on for all of my clients to only show favorited channels in the guide, on now, etc., but on all of my iOS devices, it is showing only non-favorited channels in the guide, on now, etc.

Have deleted and redownloaded the apps on both iOS devices.

App is version 4.5.8, and server is 2021.05.26.1807 running on Windows 10.

Check in the server side settings for the toggle for favorites, it can be turned off too to remove it from the guide drop-down.

Yes, I have all of the server side settings to ONLY show the favorites - so on iOS the opposite is happening, it is showing everything not on the favorite list.

Also, everything is showing correctly on 4 FireTV's (which is usually the buggier experience).

Here's that section of the client settings. I just noticed the verbiage now of 'General > Live TV > Favorites Collection' says 'Optionally hide the Favorites collection in On Now and Guide' but I am reading that as On = Show Favorites and Off = Hide Favorites, and since that is what is happening on the FireTV's, and the toggled off options aren't showing, that would seem to be correct?

The way I understand it is all those settings (except the on now setting) pertain to the drop down box in the guide.

Guide collections toggled off would hide the dropdown which I assume is what you want. But I've also had it get stuck chosen on the wrong selection and I had to turn it back on to put it back to all, or in your case favorites, since you only want to show the favorites. So this may seem like going backwards but try toggling the guide collections back on to reveal the drop down, make sure it's selected on favorites, then toggle the guide collections back off

That did it, thank you. I changed it back to remove the options after selecting things so I can see if / when it happens again.

My goal is having everything completely dumbed down at the client level so if I tell a family member to install it on their phone or TV I don't have to hold their hand in getting to what would be a more traditional / simple set top box experience.

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100% on board with that, I use the server side settings to make all clients (only 2) look and act the same, and be as simple and non-redundant as possible. only have the guide, recordings, tv shows, and movies showing on the left side. I prefer the guide drop-down box hidden but lately I've been playing with the channel collections, using the dropdown to choose from them. I have Antenna, Xfinity, PBS, Stirr, Pluto, and Samsung+ but for some reason channels from one collection will show in another one. The stirr channels don't show at all to be added to a collection. Having several large collections doesn't seem to work as planned. Swear I thought there was a way to have the sources in that dropdown, and not need the collections. Anyways, that's a different issue I need to look into.

I envision that if you have someone install channels, and the dropdown is hidden by default it's going to show all channels, and you'll have to do this again on that client to show only the favorites.