Channels Process & DNS

Hey guys, I have 2 q.

  1. I need to split a vpn tunnel and specify the Channels DVR in it. What process to I point it to (since there its not in the applications folder) ?
  2. Has anyone tried specifying a custom dns for a particular service eg. Channels uses dns A and the rest of the OS uses dns B


Answers to these questions are dependent upon your:

  • router
  • the OS running Channels
  • the type of VPN, and which systems are running the client/server

~/Library/Application Support/ChannelsDVR/latest/channels-dvr

Thanks. PIA doesnt allow me to add a non app extension to the tunnel. Ill figure that out with them.

Im using macOS and the router is a UDM. I can apply a custom DNS on the UDM per client. I thought that applying it to a specific app on the OS may have to be done on the machine itself ie Mac mini

AIUI, macOS also ships with pf, although it is not enabled by default. You can check if it's still there, and if so a man pf.conf on the command line should give you the documentation for the file format. Since it's the same as in FreeBSD, their manpage for it is here: pf.conf(5)