Channels really needs a Wiki page/site

Either here, on your website or somewhere else.

As you get more new users, you'll be spending a lot of time answering the same questions, over and over and over...

TL;DR, nobody (including me) wants to spend a day searching a forum meant for on-going discussions when all they need is a quick answer to their question. It's too frustrating.

The FAQ's here were a good start, but not kept up to date.

I'm sure many forum members would be more than happy to contribute to such a Wiki, just needs to get started somewhere.

Interesting background on the word Wiki and it's inventor, Ward Cunningham.

I found the FAQ to be a great resource. There's plenty of info to get started and test it out until you find the setup you want.

Don't take it wrong. You're one of the more intelligent users that take time to read and search the forum.

Many first time users can't even install the software or come here looking for hand holding or help trying to troubleshoot their antenna reception, HDHR, network or OS issues.

I'm not a Channels dev, but would think their time is better spent on the software, not trying to answer a newbie question again for the hundredth time. Hope that makes sense.

I agree with you, but with a small dev team, that would impact development getting a WiKi started and updated. The FAQ is good, but from so many of the post I read, it's not clear that it's been read. Would they read a WiKi? Folks seem to want someone to step them through each step and not bother with researching a solution. Maybe some videos to help spoon feed the basics?

As a new user myself (2 months using Channels-DVR), I spent hours reading on this site and got 98% of what I needed to get things the way I wanted.

I'm wondering if some of us could volunteer to create the WiKi? Let's the devs approve the content for accuracy but not invest in the time creating the content themselves. Besides, all of the devs that work with me would rather do anything else than documentation. :slight_smile: It's a soul killer.

Totally agree with you.
I think many in the community would like to help (I try by creating sticky, pinned posts). Those can later be gleaned to add to the Wiki.
We just need the devs to give us an idea of what they would want to see in a Wiki and how we should accomplish it.
Small steps, just need to get started.

Plex has a good Wiki (called support articles) as does Silicondust with their info website.

There are many other examples out there.