Channels Roku App on different network?

I know the Roku app is an unsupported thing but as I'm trying to get it working I have a question. Is it possible to use the app with a server on a different network? When I run the app it says "can't find channels dvr on this network" - strangely enough I have two ISPs running at my home and the Roku is on one but the channels DVR is on the other.


I think we need more information. How is this dual ISP network configured?

It’s not configured. They are two separate networks that just happen to exist in the same home. It’s no different than if I was trying to connect remotely. Two different ISPs two different dedicated IP‘s, etc. Like I said, they are different Internet service providers so they don’t see each other as being local to the same geographic place.

That Roku app doesn’t support out of home streaming, which is what you would need to make this work.

With the popularity of Roku now, why on earth would you not want to implement Roku support again?

Because it is not possible/not supported OS.

Saying it's not possible to support is a cop out. If it's too hard I guess that's a reason. Even HDHomerun supports it.

That is hardly a ringing endorsement. SiliconDust's software is rather poor. And their Roku client lacks basic functionality with their DVR compared to their other clients. While Channels may not have perfect parity between Apple and Android, it is far closer than SD gives you.

Plus, SiliconDust's software cannot even start up unless you have an active internet connection; for a TV viewing app, that sounds like a pretty big shortcoming to me.

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Then go use HDHRs software then.

HDHR software is NOT Channels. works differently and does different things.
If you read the technical differences, as is posted many times in many threads here, it explains it to you.
Its ok, and rather common, that most users do not understand how software development works among platforms, but that is no excuse for being lazy and dismissing the valid reasons given to answer your question by not reading what is before you.

Personally I have not used HDHR much in a while since getting channels but I have purchased a TV that has Roku.

I can use HDHR without internet access without issue.... I'm not sure why you can't.

That is a typical response of a cop out. The reasons given I have seen were short and generic which I read as hard to do with a small team. Say what you want but I pay for channels just like you do and have the same right to my opinion without your defensive response.

Happy New Year.

The device, yes. But their software does not function without an internet connection. Upon startup, the app contacts SD's servers to download the UI code; if it cannot make the connection, you are presented with a black screen. This is acknowledged by the developers, and supposedly a "feature" to ensure the UI is always up-to-date. (Yes, that's marketing speak to justify a poor UX decision.)

This issue was encountered by several HDHR users in TN on Christmas when their internet went down, and they couldn't even use their tuners to get the news because AT&T's hub was down.

For more information, you may want to check out the thread on SD's forum: No Internet, No App????

A point of distinction: their viewing app requires a connection at startup. Their DVR software can function for up to 4 hours without a connection. Why only 4 hours? Because SD stores all of your recording rules in the cloud on their servers, and their DVR software checks in with the server every 4 hours to update the rules, add new ones, and check for upcoming programs to record. (And what happens if you started recording a program, and wish to stop/cancel the recording while it's in progress? Guess what, you can't!). Of course, if you're using their Roku app, this won't matter, because their Roku app has no UI for the recording aspect of their software. SD's response: "Adding a recording UI for the Roku version of the HDHomeRun app is being explored".

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That is a typical dismissal response to facts presented to you.
U may want to look up the term cop out. "avoid doing something that one ought to do."
again, read the threads, cause u have it wrong.

Nothing to do with how much you or the devs want it to work, it won't.
Opinion does not matter.
Its a mater of fact.

Roku does not support custom player or MPEG2 playback natively on the client side.
Due to how Channels is designed, marketed and implemented, it is not possible to direct stream such video streams. Nothing can be done to make that happen, unless Roku re-designs their os to make it possible.

The only possible workaround, would be that Channels DVR server does the transcodeing. But, this is only possible if the user as the DVR setup on a separate supported device, and pays for the monthly subscription. Channels also offer free live only app and there are many non DVR users out makes no sense to publish a app that has specific requirements to function on that platform. If it even would work properly, it would be a nightmare to support and have to coastally deal with such a segmented app release, not to mention Roku users that don't understand or bother to research the limitations/requirements to get it working as the other platforms are advertised.
Call it a "cop out" if you want, but it is a valid bussines decision and valid technical limitation that prevents it from being developed further. If making it work on one specific platform requires a full ground up re-build of their entire product, it is very unlikely they will do it. Channels DVR was first and foremost and remains focused as a APPLE TV product. Any other platform it appears on is bonus and comes secondary.