Channels Roku App on different network?

I know the Roku app is an unsupported thing but as I'm trying to get it working I have a question. Is it possible to use the app with a server on a different network? When I run the app it says "can't find channels dvr on this network" - strangely enough I have two ISPs running at my home and the Roku is on one but the channels DVR is on the other.


I think we need more information. How is this dual ISP network configured?

It’s not configured. They are two separate networks that just happen to exist in the same home. It’s no different than if I was trying to connect remotely. Two different ISPs two different dedicated IP‘s, etc. Like I said, they are different Internet service providers so they don’t see each other as being local to the same geographic place.

That Roku app doesn’t support out of home streaming, which is what you would need to make this work.