Channels runs out of guide sometimes with Pluto (Docker)

Occasionally I am noticing that my Pluto channels (docker version) run out of guide data. I go into the Channels DVR and do a Redownload XMLTV and then it is okay. When I defined the M3U playlist I set it to update every 6 hours (the shortest one). Today when the guide had run out the Guide Database said that it had last refreshed 5 hours ago.

Any chance in getting XMLTV update changed to have an option to be able to update every "3 hours" like the Pluto Docker does?

I was about ready to suggest changing the DVR update rate, since I ran into that problem. But I see you already figured that out. :grin:

Unfortunately, PlutoTV doesn't publish more than about 12 hours in advance. That means there will be various periods throughout the day without much advance guide. It's a bit of a "Nyquist" problem due to the sampling rates of the docker app and the DVR server. If the ChannelsDVR updated every three hours, it would help some. But PlutoTV increasing their guide timeline would be the best solution.

3h option added in next pre-release.


Thank you.

When I first added the Pluto stream (s) I have two one with 119 channels other with 256 channels ... there we options to refresh as spoken above posts... now it’s just daily.?
I’ve tried edit on surly (daily) then on guide provider..
Here is the issues until I manually redos load guide data... some channels are blank others don’t match what’s on.l. 007 channel has Goldfinger on but shows ? Robolox? On guide


Any suggestions?
Not a newbie but far from expert too...

Also it seems randomly while watching it will just stop with connection lost error? Is this related to above?

The fix is to back out to guide and respected channel watching...

The guide refresh interval option is only set when adding the guide data provider, you don’t even see it any more after it is saved. I hope that is something they will change eventually.

As to the connection issue, what URLs are you using for the m3u and xml guide data? Using a shared URL is a known issue that will cause connectivity loss, which is why the docker solution is recommended.

Thanks, I’m using the the techyon sources...
I have minipc windows 10 dedicated for channels.. I will try the docker steps next... th ask for the quick response!

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I also noticed that over the weekend Pluto had a problem and stopped updating their json source for over 12 hours, So all of the guide eventually went empty even though everything was running correctly on the Channels end.

Where can this be changed?

You need to click the gear icon next to the source when you specify the provider. It is not very obvious.

I only have Never Refresh and Daily Refresh. I don't see any other options.


That's for the playlist itself. The options to refresh the guide more frequently are found when you assign the epg.xml link to the playlist source. To change the frequency that the guide is checked, you need to "Change Provider" under the "Guide Data" section of the options for the playlist.

Found it, thanks.