Channels Server on Shield, Comskip issue?


Just moved my Channels DVR Server to my Shield, and the logs are showing some info about not having any space for, I assume attempting to mark commercials.

My shield has two HD's connected
the first drive, a HP 240 GB SSD drive, is seen as two 120 GB drives for reasons unknown to me... and then I am pointing Channels DVR to record to a directory on a 6TB WD external USB 3.0 drive. Is there a way to point everything to the 6TB drive for Channels DVR? Is Channels confused by there being two drives being connected to the Shield?

I'll send the entire log to the support email address


2019/03/21 23:00:01 [DVR] Recording for job 1553234400-85 from 13108991 ch632 into "TV/Born Predator/Born Predator 2012-12-12 2019-03-21-2300.mpg" for 59m58.461210454s
2019/03/21 23:00:01 [DVR] Refreshing metadata for Born Predator (9564832)
2019/03/21 23:14:56 [TNR] Closed connection to 13108991 for ch632
2019/03/21 23:14:56 [DVR] Error running job 1553234400-85 Born Predator: write /storage/emulated/0/ChannelsBackup/TV/Born Predator/Born Predator 2012-12-12 2019-03-21-2300.mpg: no space left on device
2019/03/21 23:14:56 [TNR] Closed connection to 1316FAE1 for ch620
2019/03/21 23:14:56 [DVR] Error running job 1553234400-ch620 Building Off the Grid: write /storage/emulated/0/ChannelsBackup/TV/Building Off the Grid/Building Off the Grid S02E06 2017 Yellowstone River 2019-03-21-2300.mpg: no space left on device
2019/03/21 23:14:56 [TNR] Closed connection to 1316FAE1 for ch506
2019/03/21 23:14:56 [DVR] Error running job 1553234400-ch506 Seinfeld: write /storage/emulated/0/ChannelsBackup/TV/Seinfeld/Seinfeld S07E03 1995-10-05 The Maestro 2019-03-21-2300.mpg: no space left on device
2019/03/21 23:14:56 [TNR] Closed connection to 1316FAE1 for ch528
2019/03/21 23:14:56 [DVR] Error running job 1553234400-ch528 Doc Martin: write /storage/emulated/0/ChannelsBackup/TV/Doc Martin/Doc Martin S08E01 2017-09-20 Mysterious Ways 2019-03-21-2300.mpg: no space left on device


The space errors are from trying to record.

Is your drive attached as an internal storage or external storage on the shield?

The path for your DVR recordings should look like /storage/XXXXX/NVIDIA_SHIELD/DVR, where XXXXX is a random string assigned to your drive by the shield OS. It seems you might be recording to the internal storage instead and have filled it up.


I'd of never purposely pointed it to this path:


I did point to other than this path, and then did an import of settings. I think it must of changed to this path after that import of season passes.

I've now changed it to this path.


I am able to browse the internal storage of the Shield from my PC across the network, but not the external WD 6TB drive that is connected via USB 3.0 to the Shield. I'll have to find a file manager on the shield to see if I can find any left over recordings on the internal storage, so I can delete those items.

Hopefully this resolves this issue... After the plethoria of 'pain' of trying to get a Live TV / DVR solution running, I was this close to just ordering a DVR from my carrier... I'm getting tired of having to babysit all of these software dvr solutions out there.... why can't something 'just work'.. as did my Windows Media Center for over 10 years..... that was a set it up, and pretty much forget about it....

I wish someone who has never used / seen WMC would take the time to set it up, and use it as their daily driver, and then attempt to duplicate what it's capable of doing, and then polish the interface... Sad that Microsoft abandoned it.



I am sure it has been challenging for you, but the reality is that your situation is pretty unique. For the vast majority of us, Channels has been set it and forget it, and that's why we love it so much. In my case, I had a Mac mini already in use. I installed Channels software on it and that was basically it. I was good to go. Others have had similar experiences with other hardware including the Shield.

May I suggest a bit of a 'reset' and mentally start again? You have got it working now, correct? Forget the lead up and see if you enjoy it now.