Channels slow to load and play

When I try to play programs on the Mac computer where the the DVR is installed, it takes forever for the program to load and then when it does it stutters (Lots of buffering)
When I try to play the same program on my Ipad it plays perfectly.

Could you describe the specs of the Mac you are running it on?

Browsers can not play back the video format that comes the HDHomeRun. Browsers require the video to be transcoded, so the video has to be converted first before streaming. Our native apps can play back the video without transcoding because we have a custom video player that supports the video format.

It's normal to take a little to start. There's a possibility that your Mac is slower so it takes a little longer to transcode enough to get started playing.

It’s. Late 2011 iMac with I5 quad core, 16 gigs of Ram and 1tb SSD.
This is a problem that has just started to happen in the last week or so.
I ran the disk utility on the external hard drive where the DVR stores the shows and it checked out fine.

When you play the video, there is transcoding details underneath the player. Can you report what they are while it is stuttering?

Transcoder Running: 2m50s @ 1.07x (12.51fps)

12.51fps is quite slow. Have you tried rebooting the Mac? Is the dvr web UI set to hardware or software transcoding?

Yes I have and I ran the Hardware Test. no problems.
I tried watch Jimmy Kimmel this morning and got this transcoder message.
Transcoder Running: 2m29s @ 13.8x (76.58fps)
it would play normally for 5 seconds then pause for about 5 seconds then do the play,pause cycle again.

I just tried playing a video file recorded last night (FBI) with VLC. It played normally.
Not sure what this tells me except that Channels DVR is recording the shows and the trouble is with playing them back.

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