Channels stuttering and freezing on OTA/Locast channels

I've noticed over the past few weeks that Channels will often freeze up when watching OTA/Locast channels (I have both set up with channels merged, so unclear which is freezing up). At least once a day, NBC will stutter, then freeze outright while watching the channel. Logs have been submitted. Any guidance on how to correct for this would be amazing.

Step 1 would be determining if it’s coming from Locast or OTA. You should be able to tell this from the DVR server logs at the time you tune the channel. It will say it’s using the TVE channel, or the OTA channel. Or, if it says nothing at all that means your client is not using tuner sharing and is going directly to the HDHR (which of course means OTA as well).

I only use TVE and Locast and was having the same issue on some of the channels from Locast, so decided to log into the Locast app itself. I got a popup saying they were having issues with freezing due to volume and their engineers were working on it. I got one channel back last night, but some still just get a frozen screen when try to watch through Channels or the Locast app.

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After reviewing logs, I'm tuning via OTA (channel 4.1). I also have the same issue occurring now with TVE - my wife left Channels tuned to the Hallmark channel, and I turned the TV on to a frozen screen just now. Second set of logs submitted from the app.

For the OTA channel, the logs will show signal strength information. Would be good to rule that out as an issue. Of course if you’re seeing it in TVE as well that suggests something else. Network issues could cause this. Can you share more details on your setup? What client are you using that is having the issue? Is it wired or wireless, etc?

I'm running the Channels client on a Tivo Stream 4k, connected wirelessly to my network. Channels DVR server is running in docker (using the nvidia docker environment) on a dual Xeon E5-2650 server with 32GB RAM. Both the server and HDHomerun are on wired connections - only the last mile to the client is wireless, mostly because the Tivo doesn't have ethernet and (to my understanding) USB network adapters are limited to 100 Mbps on this device, and my typical wireless network connection is 250-300 Mbps when I test my connection to the server.

I was having the very same issue with a similar layout as robinsonsofptown