Channels support for HDHomeRun Premium TV Status


We’re creating this locked thread to keep track of the status of support for HDHomeRun Premium TV in Channels and Channels DVR. We’re going to keep it locked so that discussion doesn’t flood the information away. Keep discussing the new features to your hearts content on the other threads. Watch this thread for updates.


If you use the Channels apps for just live TV without Channels DVR, they all support the new premium channels in demo mode and as a subscriber to the service. You can expect guide data, the ability to favorite them, everything. They work just like all your other channels.

Channels DVR

Current version

If you’re a Channels DVR subscriber, your can expect the premium channels to have no guide data in your apps. This is because guide data comes from DVR and it does not have these new channels mapped to any sort of lineup.

You can watch them just fine with the app, but there is no guide data and you can’t record them.


We’re in the process of getting support for the new premium channels, but for DVR it’s a little trickier… Full support for these channels when they are Demo channels is a little tricky. We have to ensure your DVR doesn’t record with them, or allow you to mistakenly think you can create passes with content that airs on them.

We have to make sure they work for everyone without having to think about it. Please be patient while we come up with a really clean solution to all of it so you guys get the best product possible. You can learn more about the beta and discuss it on this thread.

We’ll update this thread as we get more and more complete and towards full support.

Channels good to go with Hdhomerun new service?


Channels DVR beta now has the premium channels mapped to lineups and guide data applied.

You can expect guide data to show up in your Channels apps now.


Channels DVR now ignores Demo channels when picking a channel to record.



A new Channels DVR release (v2018.08.27.1927) is now available to everyone, with support for recording HDHomeRun Premium TV.

We are currently investigating stuttering/buffering issues when watching Premium TV live. The problem appears to have started yesterday after HDHR made some changes to the quality of the premium streams. As a workaround, you can pause live TV for a few seconds to let the player buffer and then resume to fix the stuttering issue. DVR recordings from Premium TV channels are not affected.


We have released v3.2.6 of Channels for Apple TV, with buffering now enabled for Premium TV channels to reduce stuttering. Some stations still experience occasional buffering pauses due to how they are encoded, but we expect this to be fixed when SiliconDust rolls out their stage 2 encoding improvements later this year.