Channels time zone wrong how do you change

Channels settings page should let you set timezone, but it will not !

That information is read from the OS. You need to set the time zone properly in your system, then restart the DVR.

What OS are you using?

Windows 10 and it is correct CST. Channels settings shows MST and all recordings messed up.
Have rebooted twice no change MST will not change.

Is it manually set, or do you have it set to adjust the location/time zone based upon network?

(Perhaps someone who uses Windows can chime in ... I have no Windows systems in my network.)

It was ok for a year then it changed itself. Win 10 did not change.CST all the time. my server is the win cpu but I will see if there is a network time zone anywhere. thanks rfg

Windows 10 changes all of the time due to automatic updates. Nothing but problems. Check the article below: