Channels to determine between a movie and a trailer from your library

I love that we have been able to add our own movies to the library and able to watch them within the channels' interface. This is also very nice that when a movie is on you have it in your library it will ask you if you want to play the channel or the movie in your library:

One issue I did discover and I am not sure you can fix this one problem. I have the two following items in my library, per the filenames 'Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) (BluRay, 720p)' and 'Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) (BluRay, 720p)-trailer', so Kodi and Plex treat the second file as a trailer. Unfortunately, Channels doesn't and when I selected play from my library it played the trailer instead of the movie and you can't choose a file to play when you choose from the library. Not sure if there is a way you can differentiate between the movie and the trailer, since I am using '-trailer' at the end of the file name? Thank you.

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Channels doesn’t handle Extras like this at the moment. We plan to do this as we expand the features of Imports, but there’s no timeline of when we’ll get to it.


For issues scanning imports we need the full path and file name that didn't scan in as expected.

It scanned both the movie and the trailer but both are classified as the actual movie when you do a search for it as you can see from the 'Your Movies' section.

When you look at the two items, one is 115 minutes, the other is 0 minutes (the trailer).

I need the path shown next to each import on the dvr web UI

Sorry for the delay, where do I need to go to get that information? This is the path I am using is the following for the library content. If this is not what you need, please let me know what I need to provide you. Thank you.

For example Imports?

I hope this is what you are asking, these are two Raiders of the lost ark files are in this directory:

U:\Movies\Non 3D Movies\1980's\1981\Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)\Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) (BluRay, 720p).mkv

U:\Movies\Non 3D Movies\1980's\1981\Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)\Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) (BluRay, 720p)

The rest of my movies are trailers are in the same type of directories.

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See BETA: Imported Content Extras (Trailers & Subtitles)

Sweet!!! Let me upgrade to that version. Thank you for replying with the item.