Channels to work when away from home server

I am trying to set up the channels app so we can use it when we are on vacation. I changed the setting to using it when away from home, However I could not get it to work. Suggestions?

Did you go through this?

I can watch some shows remotely, but several shows have missing parts. Others are complete recordings. It happens most frequently on PBS and Turner Classic Movies.

I had trouble logging on remotely myself, but one of the admins here suggested a VPN for Windows that created a Static IP that I could use to login. Unfortunately, I did a fresh install awhile back and forgot the name of the app. Does anyone know what i am referring to?


That was the one. It turns out that I did not need it. I recently switched to Ubuntu and I had a much easier time forwarding the port once I did not have to deal with Windows Firewall.